down​/​cartoon rat

by jc graves

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This album meant a whole lot to me, thank you everyone for everything <3


released May 20, 2016

thanks to Lulu White, you can see more cool things of hers here:



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JC Graves Raleigh, North Carolina

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Track Name: down
houston it floored me, I wanna b lonely

im going down
not my scene/not my crowd
driving past the cops in their golf carts
slow down slow down slow down slow down slow down slow down

the dogs always bark
i hear it when they gaslight me; im pining
the malady wont sleep it only frightens
driving past the cops and their road blocks
college kids eating bennies from the glove box
slow down slow down slow down slow down slow down slow down
Track Name: cartoon rat
i speak like I spit, those dopey goon looking pricks outside the 40 store know my secrets. I found a new home, quietly stoned, set myself on fire because i need secrets. talk to myself tell a joke, each more exhausting/old, they arent as funny as urs but im always listening. evn if u had stayed, they said its corporate and lame, my roommates smelled the house fire and they left me burning. hung up and spent, still in ryans basement, ur name feels nice on my lips just as complicated friends
Track Name: hogan mania
days end only slightly wasted bored in ryans basement we were screaming my sharona. no more singing in the shower, the ancient order soured hoping our friends follow us out.
unwilling to change/ not looking for some one/ ~~/ its bigger than the outside/ store brand sprite & codeine/making good w bad guys/~~~
Track Name: spur
i know we dont look good together/the son of jesus christ, pushed prescription xanies/the angels fell from the sky/ cause they were only 3 bucks a piece.
zoloft! cant hear my voice cant reach cant take my / you opened for the flaming lips thats so hot//
im going down~~ but its working in my guts and its doing me good, and I want to do it again// dont think Im wasted, shooting signals in the dark, and if the neighbors dog barks, then u wont be my friend.
Half dark, these kids on molly methylone are so hard. They grind their teeth and dig holes in the back yard. They dont worry about nothing.